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Bear River Offers Auto Insurance in Provo, Utah

Did you know that there are literally a ba-jillion drivers who need auto insurance in Provo?  OK obviously that’s not necessarily true, but I’ll bet YOU would rather spend your money on something other than auto insurance, right?! Keep reading and we’ll show you how using multiple car insurance companies to get quotes will get you the cheapest auto insurance price…

So since you’ve taken the time to read this article, we’d like to share a very real secret on how to save money on auto insurance and still get the coverage that you need:  Shhhhhhhhhh……(whisper) you choose a  (friendly) insurance agent who’s market reach is broad enough to find the right companies FOR you (“friendly” because life’s too short to deal with anything else).

Not impressed?  Well that little gem WILL save you money, time, and a few premature gray hairs on your head.  “But what about my list of special discounts” you might say.  Well, I can give you a list of discounts that stretches to the moon, but at the end of the day I would simply ask “what’s the coverage and what’s the price.”  Simple?  Yes, and that’s the way it should be.

Lucky for you, you’re already in the right place because Keystone Insurance Services represents some of the most sought after car insurance companies in Utah such as Bear River Mutual, (which consistently offers the lowest car insurance in Utah) Auto-Owners Insurance, Travelers, The Hartford, Progressive, Mutual of Enumclaw, and many, many more.  That means that if you’ll take a few minutes to fill out the information above, we’ll figure out which (out of our dozens of insurance companies) is offering you the lowest rate.  Simple.  🙂

At Keystone Insurance Services, we make car insurance shopping easy because we do it all for you. You’re just a few questions away from getting started, so let’s go!

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What auto insurance is required in Utah?

The state of Utah requires liability coverage and since it is a no-fault state you are required to have at least $3000 in personal injury protection to cover medical payments.

What is the minimum auto insurance coverage in Utah?

The state of Utah requires a minimum auto insurance coverage of:

More Auto Insurance Utah FAQ:

Q: Will my auto insurance policy transfer to someone’s car that I am borrowing?

A: In the state of Utah, your policy does not typically cover a vehicle that you have borrowed.  Your policy may still defend you as an individual, but in most cases it does not protect the owner of the borrowed vehicle, or their property.

Find out more details about car insurance and other drivers here.


Q: Does my personal auto insurance policy provide coverage if I’m using my vehicle for business?

A: Some insurers will offer to extend coverage for certain business use, but the personal auto policy would not typically extend coverage to the business itself which means that the business could be left vulnerable in the event of a claim.  You should talk to your agent to find out if you need a commercial auto policy.


Q: If I rent a vehicle, do I have to buy the rental company’s insurance?

A:  It’s not always necessary to purchase the coverage from the rental car company which is great because in most cases their coverage is very expensive.  Some auto insurance companies will automatically extend liability and physical damage to the rented vehicle in the United States and Canada, but there are two things not normally covered by your policy:  The Daily Rental Fee until the vehicle is fixed, and Diminished Value which is really just a perceived value drop for the rental vehicle because the car has been involved in an accident.  Talk to your agent to find out what coverage is extended on your particular policy so that you don’t over-pay when you rent your next car.


Q:  What is covered under Comprehensive coverage?

A:  Comprehensive is referring to physical damage to your car and is commonly referred to as “not at fault” claims such as vandalism, theft, wind, fire, hail, glass breakage, water, falling objects (watch out for those meteors) and hitting animals such as deer.


Q:  What is covered under Collision coverage?

A:  Collision coverage is also referring to physical damage to your vehicle and it pays for repairs due to the overturn of the vehicle, or collision with another object such as another car, building, pole, etc.


Q:  How much coverage do I need to carry on my auto insurance?

A:  The only real answer to this is to say “however much your future claims will cost”.  Although that’s really the truth, the practical answer is to weigh your risk if a serious accident occurs.  A newly married couple with no assets will have different needs than an established family with a home, auto, and additional assets.  You will want to discuss with your agent your particular needs.  Many times the bump in coverage is extremely reasonable in cost and will help protect your assets much better.


Q:  What should I do if I have an accident?

A:  If the accident involves another party you should generally notify the police first, but if that’s not possible or practical make sure that you exchange information with them such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, license plate, and their insurance information.  Taking photos is also great way to document what occurred so that you can reference the photos if there’s a dispute.  Because accidents will sometimes leave us frazzled, it’s important to remember that we may not be the greatest decision makers in these situations, so remember to never admit fault, and do not discuss the accident details with any third parties other than your insurance company, your insurance agent, and the police.  Notify your insurance agent about the accident as soon as you’re in a safe place.





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