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Bear River Mutual has a reputation for being one of the best Auto Insurance companies in Utah and the country. In fact, it made Ward’s Top 50 P&C Insurance companies for 5 years straight. Although they’re known for their auto coverage, Bear River Mutual ® also offers exemplary home, personal umbrella, renters, and dwelling fire policies for our clients. 

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“I love working with Bear River on my insurance needs. They are so easy to work with and go above and beyond to make sure my needs are met. Absolutely floored by the stellar quality service I received from Tamara during my last call. I’m saving more money and receiving the best service. Thank you!”

Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Karl Ward
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Types of Bear River Mutual® Insurance

Home & Dwelling Fire:

Your home is most likely your most valuable financial asset; if you were to include all the personal property within its walls, it likely contains most of your life’s treasures. Having a home insurance policy in Provo or Payson is one of the easiest safeguards for your family’s security. Home insurance policies also provide coverage if you suffer a loss due to appliance failure, theft, or vandalism. If you live in an area prone to natural events, such as lightning strikes and wildfires, adding dwelling fire coverage can be a smart route as well. You see it on the news daily, where unforeseen events can quickly turn the tables on homeowners. With so many possible variables, we encourage all of our clients to acquire home insurance in Provo & Payson.

Personal Umbrella:

If you have a portfolio that has additional assets, such as land, rental properties, vacation homes, and so on, another layer of protection you can provide your family with is personal liability umbrella coverage. An umbrella policy comes into play when the liability limits are exhausted on your existing home or auto policies. Unfortunate examples are if your dog were to bite someone in your yard or there is an ATV accident on your land or fire in your rental condo that spreads to other units – what would you do? Most likely you’d max-out your previous limits and be held personally accountable for the remainder of the costs. This is the exact situation where umbrella coverage can save the day!


Just because you don’t currently own a home, doesn’t mean you haven’t amassed assets and personal belongings that feel irreplaceable. Whether you’re just starting out in Utah or are in-between homes while you move, if you’re a renter, we suggest renters insurance for our clients. The benefits of renters insurance are many; it covers everything from furniture to clothing and computers and sporting goods. Additionally, renters insurance can protect you in the event you bring an appliance into your unit that malfunctions, such as a washing machine that leaks to the unit below or a curling iron that was forgotten that causes a small fire. Accidents happen and we all experience them, but protecting yourself from financial ruin due to expensive litigation is a must.

Bear River Mutual History in Utah

Bear River Mutual Insurance got its start in 1909 in Northern Utah. Farmers soon recognized they needed protection against potential damages to their farms, so they formed a mutual company where they could pool their money into a collective account. This strategy proved to be less expensive than other insurance companies in Utah at that time and still holds true today.
These founding farmers realized that they could trust each other to help ensure their farms because they shared similar values and high standards. Only those who shared their high values could join the mutual fund. Trust, honesty, integrity, and hard work governed the policies and execution of benefits. Bear River Mutual operates in the same manner today.

Why Are Bear River’s Rates So Affordable?

Bear River Mutual is able to keep its rates so low for a few important reasons. First, since it’s a locally owned mutual fund in Utah only, it’s tied to our strong economy and environment. Policyholders don’t have to pay extra for disasters common to other states. Next, policyholders are actual owners of the mutual fund instead of stakeholders or investors. So as a policyholder, you’ll reap the benefits instead of them. Finally, Bear River Mutual adheres to the strict acceptance values upon which the company was founded. This means you’re in good company with other safe, responsible, hard-working drivers like yourself. Higher standards mean fewer accidents, fewer payouts, and therefore lower premiums.

What Is A Mutual Company?

A mutual company is one where premiums are pooled into a central fund to cover any claims. Benjamin Franklin actually started the first mutual insurance company in 1752 called the Philadelphia Contributionship (Fire Insurance Company of America). Acceptance into their policies was strict back then, too, with surveyors deployed to assess properties, building materials, workmanship, safety measures, and risks.
Today, mutual insurance funds operate similarly. Bear River Mutual keeps its overhead low and passes on positive earnings to its policyholders through low insurance rates. Also, since they’re local, great emphasis is placed on excellent customer service and accountability.


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