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5 Ways Your Driving Record Could Haunt Your Future

You know that driving safely is important not only for your own benefit, but for the benefit of everyone else who shares the road. But people have been known to bend the rules when they’re in a hurry or in a bad mood. Tickets and traffic violations happen sometimes. If you do get a ticket, paying it right away will ensure that the DMV won’t come back to haunt your future for failing to pay before the due date. Not convinced? Neglecting to pay a ticket, or racking up numerous violations, can result in the following five hits to your driving record, which can affect many areas of your life.

  1. Suspension of driver’s license: Serious driving infractions and/or several minor violations can result in the suspension of your driver’s license. Once your license is put on hold, the DMV may refuse to re-register your car, which can cause more problems if you continue to drive with a suspended license and an unregistered car. The best way out of this situation is to prevent it from ever happening.
  2. Higher auto insurance rates: Your premium is calculated, in part, based on your driving record. Insurance companies reward safe drivers who file few claims with lower premiums and/or safe driver discounts. Your rate can increase by up to 20 percent following a speeding ticket and by up to a whopping 300 percent following a more serious offense, such as a DUI.
  3. Stunted professional career: A poor driving record, and especially the suspension of your license, can affect your career if your job involves driving or comes with the perk of a company car. Some employers may fire you, while others will turn you away if they see serious violations turn up on your background check.
  4. Poor credit score: Neglecting to pay a ticket can impact your credit score, which only gets worse as more time goes by and additional late fees get slapped onto the amount you already owe. By the time you start receiving collection calls, your deflated credit may already be affecting your ability to apply for a credit card or to rent an apartment.
  5. Inability to adopt a child: Your marred driving record can come back to haunt you years after you thought it was all over. If you choose to adopt a child down the road, you can expect adoption agencies to look at your driving record. If a serious infraction is found, some agencies may conduct an extensive home study, while others will outright refuse your application.

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