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Bear River Insurance in Utah County

Life will undoubtedly send unexpected circumstances your way. However, you can protect yourself financially from any untoward incident through insurance policies. With so many options in the market, how do you choose which ones are necessary?

We’ve gathered five of the most recommended insurance types for Utahns to help you understand the importance of each one. 

Bear River Insurance

Utah CountyBear River Mutual in Utah County, UT has been serving the community’s needs since 1909. Over a hundred years ago, the company’s founders worked to lessen insurance costs, and this value still holds today. 

This brand is exclusive to the state, and its policyholders become mutual fund owners instead of investors. The shared high standards among owners lead to fewer accidents and lower premiums. 

Below are the insurance types Bear River offers: 

Car Insurance Insurance

Like in most parts of the U.S., auto insurance in Utah County is mandatory. The following are the minimum coverages required by the state:

Thousands of pounds of potentially harmful materials make up your car, and you need to have enough insurance to cover its potential damages. The law requires car insurance to help individuals survive the financial liabilities associated with accidents. While most states only require bodily injury and property damage insurance, you can opt for comprehensive and collision coverage.

Keep in mind that you need to have adequate insurance to register and drive your vehicle legally. 

Home Insurance

Home Insurance Utah CountyBeing a homeowner is one of the best feelings — but it comes with countless responsibilities, such as paying for insurance. Remember that you don’t have to get yours from the company your lender recommends. You are free to check your options.

Below are some factors that make homeowners insurance in Utah County essential for every household:

We recommend checking structure insurance and contents insurance alike for maximum protection. 

Motorcycle Insurance

Official figures from the Utah Department of Public safety disclose the following information from 2020:

Even with the proper safety equipment, motorcycles often pose a threat to their riders. Because of their design, they are less stable than their four-wheel vehicle counterparts. Additionally, there’s not much standing in the way between a rider’s body and a crash site during an accident. 

Here are some of the benefits such policies include:

Like auto insurance, Utah requires motorcycle insurance for registration purposes. Riding a motorcycle uninsured can lead to license suspension, penalties, and fines. 

Earthquake Insurance

A Utah Earthquake Safety article reveals that the state is seismically active and may experience large, damaging earthquakes. Since 1847, we’ve had 17 earthquakes greater than 5.5 magnitude. Additionally, we have over 200 active faults that could generate earthquakes up to 7.5 magnitude. 

Below are some facts about earthquakes in the state:

In most cases, home, condo, and renters insurance policies don’t cover earthquake damage. For this reason, we highly recommend getting a separate one. Our state may not experience quakes like California, Missouri, and Montana residents do, but we’ve had our fair share of strong ones through the years. 

These are some of the calamities earthquake insurance policies typically cover:

Ask your agent about provisions on floods and tidal waves because earthquake insurance policies usually don’t cover these calamities. 

What Our Clients Say

“We have been using Bear River for years, but recently added a new policy for our home. I was so impressed with how quickly the responded to every question I had, gave us great rates, found ways to save us money and drafted our new policy. I was also impressed by how the agents helped each other. Brent went above and beyond setting up our policy while our usual agent was on vacation. That spoke volumes to us. It was such an easy process and always a pleasure to work with them.”

Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Kaitlyn Waters
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Create the Ideal Policy Today

Our founder Ron Thurman has been in the insurance industry since 1981. Since then, Keystone Insurance has partnered with the most trusted brands in Utah County, such as Bear River Mutual Insurance, Travelers, Progressive, and many more. We deal with the most reliable providers to offer the best options for our clients. 

Because of our extensive selection, it’s easy for us to find the right fit for every individual’s needs. Contact us now at 801-852-5555 for a free customized insurance quote. We look forward to helping you create the ideal policy for you and your family. 

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