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What Happens If You’re in A Car Accident Without Insurance?

keystone car accident no insuranceDriving Without Insurance in Utah

Insurance Coverage Isn’t Just Smart - It’s Mandatory  No one anticipates a car accident. It can be the most frightening and stressful time in your entire life, and without the proper insurance coverage, you’ll be adrift in a sea of legal woes as well. If you get behind the wheel without insurance, you’re in for a swarm of trouble here in the Beehive State. You could face fines, lose your license, or eve
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Teens Driver Safety Checklist

With so much for new drivers to concentrate on, wouldn’t it be nice to have a safe driving checklist for teens? I mean, how exciting is it now that your teen can drive? No more mom taxi anymore! Oh, wait, but it can also be terrifying to think of your new teenage driver out on the roads, too. Thousands of ‘what ifs’ flood your mind... You might immediately think of your teen’s safety and of other people involved. Shortly thereafter, your next thoughts could be of potential vehicle damage or auto insurance coverage. To help you out, we’ve compiled a Safe Driving Checklist for Teens so you’ll have something to reference in this potentially exciting, yet stressful
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5 Things To Do After A Car Accident

  Even the most cautious and attentive drivers can find themselves in a car accident situation. In Utah alone, there were over 62,000 car accidents in 2016. That is why it is better to be prepared and know what to do ahead of time if the unfortunate should occur. So what do you do after a car accident?

1. Check for Injuries

The first thing to be done after a collision of any kind is to check for injuries. If it is a minor car accident and you are able to check yourself over first. Are you bleeding? Can you move your limbs without pain? Are you having trouble breathing? Once you’ve established your injury level check on any passengers that are in the vehicle with you. If you are able to exit the v
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Compare Car Insurance Policies

With so many different insurance companies out there, it can be difficult and overwhelming to decide which one is right for you. It doesn't have to be complicated, though. We'll help you compare car insurance policies. An independent agent like Keystone Insurance has already done the hard work establishing relationships with the most sought after companies such as Bear River Mutual Insurance which means that we can do all the work FOR you. We'll make finding the right insurance company and coverage smooth and simple. There are a couple of important things for you to consider when
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